I entered the world of entertainment and culture at a very young age: I have always had the taste and pleasure of the image in all its variants and meanings - fixed and "in movement" -, considering it a mighty, versatile and polymorphic expressive form capable of striking and exciting, satisfying and fascinating the user on a par with all the other expressive and creative arts of human being and knowledge; passionate about art and music, lover of nature and travels, since I was a girl I have cultivated - at the beginning for hobby - the techniques of photography and video-shooting, gradually deepening, increasingly, the knowledge and potential of the available formats and media. A few years ago, my photographs were chosen to be published in a book distributed in Sardinia, made for the Municipality of Sassari, for the celebration of the traditional "CAVALCATA SARDA" (Sardinian Horse-Ride); assiduous frequenter of cinemas and passionate about multi - shooting formats, I put together the knowledge of photo-filmic techniques, so much so that I then produced, directed and edited, on behalf of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia - Department of Education, Cultural Heritage, Information, Entertainment and Sport, the video-document of the conference "The quinque libri of Sardinia - microfilming and history"; then I presented a series of documentaries; these documentaries have been screened in important festivals and industry reviews; I have gained many years of experience "on the field" and followed various internships at Italian-American production and distribution companies located in California, enriching my background, with Theory and Practice, in disciplines and techniques of Direction, Production and Advertising strategies; I was co-author of an Experimental Thesis on Cinema & Special Effects for the cultural event "Una Finestra Aperta Sul Cinema" (An open window on Cinema) held in Siena; for this event I co-signed the direction, editing, edition and speaker of a video-documentary that was projected as a multimedia internship, to high school students. I have also produced some photo shoots, television shoots, interviews with national and international guests of film festivals. During the Italian Presidency of the European Union (1996), I participated (with Certificate) in the Cycle of Conferences of the Refresher Course on the European Union organized by the European Associations Prix Femmes d'Europe - Italy - Lobby Européen des Femmes - Italy -, with the Patronage and at the very Headquarters of the Representation in Italy of the European Commission and the Office for Italy of the European Parliament. In the historic Cinecittà studios, I collaborated on the international launch of two Hollywood blockbusters: "DAYLIGHT" by Universal Pictures, produced by Raffaella De Laurentiis, by Rob Cohen, with Sylvester Stallone, and "U-571" of Universal Pictures/Studio Canal, produced by Dino and Martha De Laurentiis (1999-2000), by Jonathan Mostow, with Matthew McConaughey, Harvey Keitel, Bill Paxton, Jon Bon Jovi. In the mid 90's I founded the "CPP - Caterina Ponti Productions", an independent cinema-television-multi-media production and distribution company. I am Artistic Director and Founder of "ONDADONNA-WOMANWAVE" - with the Patronage of both the Presidency of Commissione Nazionale delle Pari Opportunità (National Commission of Equal Opportunities) and ANICA -, a film, cultural, multi-media event, with an international scope, since March 1999. I am the Director and Producer of the innovative short film "TOBIA IL NOSTROMO DEL TEMPO" (TOBE, THE TIME MASTER) (1999), the first Italian short made in the new system "MULTIVISION"; TOBIA, an experimental cartoon packaged in semi-animation, has garnered acclaim everywhere, and was presented at the market of "CANNES FILM FESTIVAL '99", the "II nd BACKSTAGE FESTIVAL" (Bologna) - Honor Plate of Participation -, the "XIX FANTAFESTIVAL" (Rome), "CAPALBIO FESTIVAL", "EXPOCARTOON" (Rome), the first edition of "AMORI IN CORTO" (Terni, 2000) and the 31st edition of the "GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL" (Giffoni, 2001), presented as a Special Event at the Maison Lumière. In Florence, I collaborated on the international launch of the film HANNIBAL by Universal Pictures/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures/Scott Free, produced by Dino and Martha De Laurentiis, by Ridley Scott with Anthony Hopkins, Julianne Moore. I participated as "Special Extra", in small roles in some films: "DOUBLE CROSS on COSTA'S ISLAND", where I served also as assistant to producer: Italy, "DAYLIGHT", "U-571", "HANNIBAL". Furthermore, I was an actress in the movie "LEONE E GIAMPIERO" by Salvatore Scarico in the role of a singer. After being a guest in the studio of TELE + for the exclusive television broadcast of the Oscar Awards 2001, I was testimonial of the charity event "I BAMBINI DEL PLANET PER I BAMBINI DEL MONDO" (THE CHILDREN OF THE PLANET FOR CHILDREN OF THE WORLD), with the "CPP" and "Planet Hollywood - Rome" (2001). I have been Producer for the movie project "ANELLI ROSSI" by Andrej Končalovskij. In June 2002, the Jury of the "International Prize Pasquale Rotondi ai Salvatori dell'Arte" (Sassocorvaro) awarded me the "Special Prize" as "successful producer and distributor dedicated to the dissemination of culture and feelings"; the Special Prize was given to me by the famous screenwriter/writer/poet Tonino Guerra. In the Museum of the Ubaldinesca Fortress of Sassocorvaro has been affixed my biographical-professional portrait. I founded in 2003 the "PARADISE ENTERTAINMENT", a production and distribution company for cinema-television & multi-media. I conceived and co-directed the first edition of "VALENTINE'S DAYS" in 2004, an unprecedented event with a varied program created on the territory of Montefeltro (Marche), land of St. Valentine Martyr, of which I was named by the authorities and local institutions "Godmother", in this period, I realized and directed the short "The Storm - La Tempesta", an avantrailer of a mine movie projet, screened also many years after, in 2018, at "Spoleto Film Festival - Primo Piano sull'Autore". I was a contributor to several monographic books produced on the occasion of the annual "Primo Piano sull'Autore" of Assisi; I wrote some articles and movie tabs for sectoral magazines such as "Filmania News", "Filmania World", and for "Superprimissimafilm"monthly magazine with national distribution published by FILMAURO. In 2008 I created a luxury clothing accessories brand, "MACAPO", signing bags, belts, wallets and other items. I collaborated in the realization of three conferences and round tables of the Alma Cappiello Association (from 2009 to 2012): Round Table entitled "Stalking - One year after the approval of the law", with the Patronage of the Senate of the Republic, at the Sala Capitolare of the Senate of the Republic; Conference "Alma Cappiello e la famiglia di fatto: correva l'anno 1988" (A. Cappiello and the de facto family: it was year 1988) at the Sala delle Colonne of Palazzo Marini; Conference, as part of the celebrations of the 150 years of Italian Unity, entitled "Homeland and Patriot in the construction of the State: from the Unity of Italy to the Republic - Incomplete citizenship: Italians of yesterday and today in comparison", with the patronage of the Province of Rome, at the Sala Don Di Liegro of Palazzo Valentini. With my documentary film "MEDITERRANEO MARE DI VITA" ("MEDITERRANEO SEA OF LIFE") I launched in Italy the new format 'edutainment'; with this work directed, produced and co-conceived by myself (in 2011), I won three international awards in 2012: the Special Prize of the "Roma Film Festival", the Special Prize for Innovation of 32nd edition of capitoline "Fantafestival" and the Medal 'With Rotary meeting the World - Rotary International' by the Rotary Club Rimini Riviera. In 2013 I made the THE DIRECTOR'S CUT version of my "MMDV" which was distributed on the A.N.I.C.A.' s - National Association of Audiovisual and Multimedia Film Industries - streaming on demand film platform. In December 2014, after participating with my documentary film at the Festival "Dove va il cinema italiano? Oltre la commedia, le nuove proposte" (Where is it going Italian Cinema? In addition to the comedy, the new proposals"), made within the XXXIII edition of the Festival "Primo Piano sull'Autore", I have been awarded in Assisi with the illustrious "Premio Domenico Meccoli - Scrivere di Cinema". In 2014 I wrote and published my first novel, the fictional thriller "Il pericolo non è il mio mestiere ma mi segue come un'ombra" ("Danger is not my job but it follows me like a shadow"), partially set in Sardinia. In 2015, I entered the Academy of Italian Cinema (as a Producer) and was a jury member of the David di Donatello Award for some years. I am author and co-author of subjects, treatments and screenplays of feature films and short films whose projects are in development. In 2016 I was nominated Jury Member of the 9th Edition of the International Short Film Festival "Tulipani di seta nera" ("Tulips of Black Silk"), social film festival. In 2017 I received the "Associazione Culturale Comandante Raimondo Bucher" Award and the recognition of the Municipality of Arzachena, following the "Sardinian premiere" of my film "MEDITERRANEO MARE DI VITA - THE DIRECTOR'S CUT", realized at the local Auditorium with the Patronage of the Municipality and in collaboration with the Ass.ne Raimondo Bucher. In 2019 I published the first edition of the autobiographical book "MEMORIE MA NON SOLO" ("MEMORIES BUT NOT ONLY") written by my mother Simonetta Sotgiu, to whom my new short film "TOBIA IL NOSTROMO DEL TEMPO - REBOOT EDITION" ('19) is dedicated. "TOBIA" has been awarded with two Awards: the "A.A. FANTASCIENZA CERCASI 2019" one, on the occasion of the 39th Fantafestival (official selection) and the Special Mention at the Festival "XXXVIII PRIMO PIANO SULL'AUTORE - PIANETA DONNA" - "Il lungo e faticoso viaggio della Donna nella storia del cinema" (The long and arduous journey of women in the history of cinema, March 2021). In 2021 I realized, producing and directing it, the short film "SU CANTIGU DE SAS CRIADURAS DE SANTU FRANTZISCU DE ASSISI", the "Canticle of the Creatures" of San Francesco made in Sardinian language, premiered, with great success, on the 39th edition of the Festival "PRIMO PIANO SULL'AUTORE - Festival Pianeta Donna" entitled "La donna nel cinema: dalla seduzione alla presa di coscienza" (The Woman in Cinema: from Seduction to Awareness). In the decennial of its first public screening on the big screen my docu-film "MMDV" has landed in the distribution circuit on the platform ChiliTv. During the Summer of 2022 I launched the song co-written and co-performed in English "THE LAST TRIP", available with the Label Concertone and currently distributed (also in download) on 22 platforms. In 2024, as per the 800 years' anniversary of its original composition by Saint Francis of Assisi, Patron Saint of Italy, I published on my YouTube channel his "Canticle of Creatures" made in Sardinian Language (Sa Limba).  In March 2024  I published the second edition of my fictional thriller "Il pericolo non è il mio mestiere ma mi segue come un'ombra" ("Danger is not my job but it follows me like a shadow").            

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